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Blaine St. Peter uses natural hoof care techniques to optimize the hooves ability to heal and transition to a healthier barefoot life. He works with veterinarians and horse owners to reverse the affects of founder and navicular to return the horse to optimal hoof health.

This hoof belongs to Lynn's 20 year old Arabian who always had problems keeping shoes on because of his weak thin hoof walls. When he would lose a shoe, his hoof walls would get ragged and broken. Now after properly transitioning to barefoot he can go in any terrain all day long without a single chip in his hoof walls. He is never stalled and is in a natural environement that encourages movement over varied terrain. This greatly contributes to his overall health as well as to the natural tendancy to maintain good hoof health. The walls and sole are much thicker and stronger.  He is a true gravel cruncher . 

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This hoof belongs to Pearl, an FEI 100 mile endurance horse. She was the number one ranked horse in the Rocky Mt. Region and number nine nationally for Best Condition in 2008. This picture was taken after the race in which Pearl traveled a total of 110 miles barefoot at an AERC ride in New Mexico. I do recommend booting for rides over 30 miles, but this horse vetted extremely well. Many shod horses were pulled from the ride at the Vet Checks for stone bruises. Some parts of the trail were over lava rock and the soles of the barefoot horses were well callused and ready for it.

This a is a good example of how I trim the hoof to mimic the natural wear of the wild horse hoof. She is owned by endurance rider Tennessee Mahoney.

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Case Studies

- Bonner, Navicular Case: Three months into rehab after navicular syndrome diagnosis

Shoeing Alternative

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For a must read articles explaining the       benefits of proper hoof trimming and the use of hoof boots to attain soundness and biomechanically correct movement, click here.


This is the Easy Boot Glove and a wonderful product in hoof protection from Easy Care. User friendly and comfortable for the horse, it is great tool for the transition period to barefoot, or for horse that needs protection in difficult terrain or regulary travels long distance. Easy Care offers many different types of boots, but these are the most popular with my clients and are the easiest to use. The company has a lot of useful information about the barefoot horse on their website. Visit them at EasyCare.com.